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Thank you for your interest in Auditioning for "Pulled From Darkness".  We look forward to seeing your audition video.  We are currently only accepting audition videos for this project because of the travel and social distancing restrictions due to COVID-19.

"Pulled From Darkness" is a feature film based on the inspirational true story of a woman who was torn from her children & sold into slavery when her husband lost her in a card game.  While the film may end up being shot in Indiana because of international travel restrictions, the event took place in Amsterdam, Russia, and Armenia.  Keep this in mind, and give us your best accent in your audition videos.  "Pulled From Darkness" is a non-SAG/AFTRA film, but all speaking roles are paid.

​To submit your audition, please follow these instructions:

1. Choose the Character(s) you would like to audition for from the list below.

2. Download the Side(s) for your character(s).  If there are multiple sides, please record each of them.   Also, if you are auditioning for multiple characters, record & submit each audition separately.

3. Using a cell phone or video camera, record your video audition.

4. Please have a solid color behind you if possible so that we can focus on your performance.

5. At the beginning or end of your video, slate it by telling us your name, phone number, e-mail, and agency (if applicable).  Please speak CLEARLY, and do not use an accent for your slate.

6. Title your video with the character's name & your name.  ie:  "Borysko - Tom Smith"

7. Upload your video to Youtube, Vimeo, or Dropbox as a HIDDEN/UNLISTED VIDEO, and e-mail the link to casting@homesickmedia.com.  These audition videos MUST NOT be viewable to the general public.

8. In the subject line of your e-mail, write "PFD Audition - Anna" (or the name of whichever character(s) you are auditioning for).

9. Sometimes we like to share audition videos that stand out as being exceptional.  If you are OK with us sharing your audition video publicly, please let us know you your e-mail.  Note: your slate/contact information will be REMOVED before your video is shared.

10. Deadline for auditions is JUNE 20, 2020.  Sign up for e-mail notifications at www.homesickmedia.com to stay up to date on announcements & auditions for future projects.


Please note: Due to the high volume of auditions, we are only able to contact you if you have been cast, or if additional materials are required.  If you do not hear from us, please know that we greatly appreciate your interest in "Pulled From Darkness", and we hope to see you at the auditions for our next film.


1. Anna (Female, 25-35).  Russian accent.  Anna is torn from her children, and sold into trafficking when her husband loses her in a card game with Russian gangsters.  Anna is fearful from a life of abuse, but in the search for her lost children she becomes an incredibly strong woman on a mission who can't be stopped. (Anna Sides#1, Anna Sides#2).

2. Razmig (Male, 35-45).  Russian accent.  Razmig is ruggedly handsome, but an untrustworthy gangster with a compulsion for gambling.  (Razmig Sides #1, Razmig Sides #2).

3. Armen (Male, 8-10).  Russian accent.  Armen is Anna's oldest child, and the protector of his younger sister and brother.  (Armen Sides).

4. Siran (Female, 6-9).  Russian accent.  Siran is Anna's middle child.  (Siran Sides).

5. Hovan (Male, 4-7).  Russian accent.  Hovan is Anna's youngest child.  (Hovan Sides).

6. Borysko (Male, 40-60).  Russian accent.  Borysko is the gangster who comes to collect Razmig's debt, and takes Anna as payment.  (Borysko Sides).

7. Anastasiya (Female, 40-60).  Russian accent.  Anastasiya and her husband, Hedeon are the caring couple who allows Anna and her family to live with them while Razmig is between jobs.  (Anastasiya Sides #1, Anastasiya Sides #2).

8. Oleksander (Male, 40-60).  Russian accent.  Oleksander is a wolf in wolves clothing.  He takes great joy in being known as an intimidating gangster, and ultimately beats Razmig in the card game.  (Oleksander Sides).

9. Ovsanna (Female, 40-55).  Armenian accent.  Ovsanna is the poor and destitute woman who agreed to watch the children until they were reunited with their mother.  (Ovsanna Sides).

10. Bedros (Male, 40-50).  Armenian accent.  Bedros is a strong Armenian with a tender heart.  (Bedros Sides #1, Bedros Sides #2).

11. Anoush (Female, 35-45).  Armenian accent.  Anoush is one of the top attorneys in Armenia.  She is a strong woman with a strong knowledge of the law, but she also has compassion for the children.  (Anoush Sides).

12. Case Worker (Male or Female, 40-60).  Dutch accent.  The Case Worker is cold, distant, and all business.  (Case Worker Sides).

13. Gang Member (Male, 15-18).  Russian accent.  The Gang Member is a street tough teen who isn't shy about extorting money from kids.  (Gang Member Sides).

14. Pastor Minasyan (Male, 40-50).  Armenian accent.  Pastor Minsayan is a compassionate leader who loves children.  (Pastor Minasyan Sides).

15. Naomi (Female, 40-70).  Dutch accent.  Naomi is a compassionate nurse who befriends Anna, and agrees to help her search for her children.  (Naomi Sides #1, Naomi Sides #2).

16. Norm (Male, 45-60).  American accent.  Norm is a missions director who serves as some comic relief in this dramatic story.  (Norm's Sides).

17. Pastor Bill (Male, 35-45).  American accent.  Pastor Bill is an American missionary who serves as comic relief in the story.  (Pastor Bill's Sides).

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